Entertainment has been one of the fastest industry to lead towards digitalization and incorporating IT industry while making most use of it. With blasting economy, the Entertainment and Media segment proceeds with its upward development travel. The media and media outlet comprise of a wide range of sections under its folds, for example, TV, print, and movies. It likewise incorporates littler fragments like radio, music, OOH, activity, gaming and visual impacts (VFX) and Internet publicizing. Entertainment is an action which gives a preoccupation or grants individuals to delight themselves in their recreation time, and may likewise give fun, pleasure and chuckling. Individuals may make their own particular stimulation, for example, when they immediately concoct a diversion; take part effectively in an action they find engaging, for example, when they play brandish as an interest; or devour an excitement item. Media outlets is a piece of the tertiary part of the economy and incorporates an extensive number of sub-businesses committed to diversion. In any case, the term is frequently utilized as a part of the broad communications to depict the broad communications organizations that control the dissemination and produce of broad communications amusement. In the prominent speech, the term the big time specifically hints the industrially mainstream performing expressions, particularly melodic theater, vaudeville, parody, film, and music. It applies to each part of amusement including silver screen, TV, radio, theater and music. We aim to offer all means of entertainment in the most convenient way.